Thursday, August 10, 2017

Back to School

We are all in full blown back to school mode over here! Phew. It's exhausting and definitely takes some getting used to after our laid back summer days. But we're all doing it and all having a pretty great start! 

I thought I jot down the highlights and little things I want to remember from our first 10 or so days...

*Teaching PreK is super fun and super CRAZY. Some days I laugh and some days I cry. Haha. Thankfully I haven't had many tears. The beginning of the year is just nuts trying to keep up with 22 little 4 year olds who may or may not want to be at school and who may or may not struggle with following directions. Ha! Plus it's just exhausting. Like really, really exhausting. This teacher-mama is TIRED. I love my school babies already and we are slowly but surely getting the hang of things at big school.......but it's been a wild adventure for sure. 

*Garrison LOVES his new school. (In our county the Primary School consists of grades PreK through 2nd and the Elementary School consists of grades 3rd-5th. So this year Garrison moved to the Elementary School.) Going to a "new" school and facing the unknown is a little intimidating. 3rd grade in itself is a little intimidating! But he absolutely loves his teachers and is having the best experience so far!! There is more independence, things are more laid back, his teachers are awesome, and the Activity teachers/classes (Art, Music, PE, Computer) are his favorite. It has been such a blessing and answered prayer for us because we were all nervous! I'm really excited about this year for him. 

*Austin is transitioning well to Kindergarten! The first few days he didn't really want to go and even shed some tears one day at lunch when he saw me because he just wanted to go home and be with me. Bless him. He loves his mama and is a for sure home-body. =) Thankfully he really loves his teachers and is doing awesome. I would even go so far to say he is loving school most days. He's just a pro at almost everything Kindergarten (so far). That September birthday and being the oldest is a big time advantage. I don't love that there are 3 years/grades between the big boys in school but his birthday is to his benefit without a doubt. I'm so thankful he'll always be the oldest and have that extra advantage. 

*Layton has done great with preschool so far! I think it has been so good for him to be with peers and classmates and teachers for half a day each day. He has been home with me full time for most of his life and last year started staying with his Granna and Nana quite a bit, so this experience for him is a great one! He was apprehensive and unsure the first couple of days but since then has really blossomed. I know he'll learn a ton and be ready for big school next year. And something about him going to "school" each morning just like us makes my mama heart feel better about working full time this year (the year before he starts big school). 

*Terrell has been amazing. He has taken over all of our laundry, most of our errands, and has really gone above and beyond to make this transition easier on me. He knew this job opportunity was really important to our family and a huge step for me.... and all of us really. I haven't worked full time (other than 10 weeks back in the Spring) in 8 YEARS. And that was before having 3 busy little boys! So this change is a BIG one. And I'm so, SO thankful for him stepping up and being so wonderful about the added responsibilities and extra "stuff" he's having to take on. We've always been great at tag teaming and I hope we can keep up our stellar teamwork. =)

*The big boys have started soccer and Layton's first practice is coming up soon! I was extremely nervous about signing up all 3 boys for soccer this Fall because this is another first for us. And the timing is scary with me going back to the classroom full time. I mean we've never experienced 3 playing at once. #pulledin3differentdirections #we'reoutnumbered #thankfulforgrandparents But he is SO excited that I know it will be worth it. He's been watching his big brothers play sports for as long as he can remember and he's thrilled that it's finally his turn. I hope he loves it as much as he thinks he is. =)

*Our parents have been a huge help to us so far and I'm honestly not sure what we'd do without them. Last year we needed them to help with Layton once I started subbing, but this year is sort of a all hands on deck year. Layton has to be picked up from school each day at 11:30, some mornings we'll need someone to take Garrison to school, some afternoons we'll need the big boys to be picked up from school due to me having meetings or trainings at other locations, I'll need childcare for teacher work days, etc. So we are extremely blessed with parents who not only can help but also want to help. Thankfully next year the boys and I will all be on the same schedule and we want be nearly as "needy." 

The start to this school year has been an exhausting whirlwind, but overall things have been pretty awesome. I'm adjusting, the boys are adjusting, and hopefully things will only get better. I know we'll all have days of not wanting to go, or days of being completely "over" our schedule. (I've already had some moments of feeling overwhelmed and ready for a break!) But I think this transition year for us has the potential to be a really good one and this job opportunity will really bless our family in ways we haven't experienced before. God's plans are good and we will continue to trust in Him and give Him the glory. 

Happy Friday Eve! =)

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