Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday AnAn

Friday the 23rd was my sister Anna's birthday, so we spent the weekend in Barnesville celebrating. We went down on Saturday morning and Terrell and Daddy played golf while us girls and the little man went out to lunch and took an afternoon nap. (The picture below was taken last year on Anna's birthday when Garrison was only 5 and a half months old.)

For supper we all went down to Macon and ate at the Wild Wing Cafe and then shopped around a little before heading back to my parent's house. Garrison enjoyed the trip to Macon and especially enjoyed his meal at Wild Wing. We keep waiting for that appetite to decrease, but no sign of it yet. He's going to be really expensive to feed when he's older if he keeps up this pace.

Once we were back at the house, Terrell and I got Garrison ready for bed and settled in before Anna and my parents got home. He did pretty well letting me lay him down awake. Terrell had to go back in once, but he after that he just cried, whined, or talked off and on. We tried to be really quiet while we waited for him to go to sleep, but we kept hearing him off and on and knew he was still awake. Finally, as it was getting later and later, we decided we needed to go ahead and do cake and ice cream and presents... just very quietly. We ended up "whisper singing" 'Happy Birthday' to Anna. It was hilarious! We were all laughing throughout the entire song. I guess one day we'll have to tell Garrison that he made us whisper sing to AnAn. Then we gave Anna her presents and finished watching the Braves game and tried to be extra quiet while we waited for Garrison to finally fall asleep.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to church and then my mom fixed a huge meal for us to have for lunch. Garrison enjoyed Granna's home cooking like the rest of us and even after eating too much for lunch we still had leftover cake and ice cream from the night before and a pie for dessert. Since Garrison didn't get to enjoy the sweets on Saturday night, we gave him cake and ice cream for dessert after lunch. He doesn't get sweets often, so he was loving his dessert.

In the picture below Garrison is giving AnAn a kiss. Anna taught him how to give kisses over the weekend and we think he's getting the hang of it.

Sharing his cake and ice cream

Helping AnAn eat her cake and ice cream....

Garrison and AnAn dancing to some music in the "playroom" at Granna & Papa's.

This is a picture of Anna dancing with Garrison last year.

Sunday afternoon the guys went and played golf again while we stayed home and let Garrison take a nap. He took really good naps both days and so did we. It's rare that I get to nap, so I enjoyed having one two days in a row. Anna had to leave mid-afternoon because she was meeting friends to celebrate her birthday with them. Whenever we make plans to celebrate our birthdays, usually the weekend before or after our actual birthday, we always call it our "birthday weekend" because we like to celebrate throughout the weekend. I hope Anna had a great birthday weekend and that she enjoys her gifts... remember you have 2 more coming! Daddy and Terrell brought Wendy's home for supper after golfing and then we headed back to Covington after a really fun birthday weekend for Anna.

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