Thursday, July 6, 2017

St George Island: Days 6-8

It's the final recap of our family vacation to SGI. We had the best time. It wasn't perfect.... but it doesn't have to be perfect to be perfect. (My new favorite motto.) And my laid back-vacation mama self accepted that and enjoyed it so much!!


Thursday morning was a little rainy off and on but Papa still managed to stand in line for these homemade DOUGHNUTS! SGI finally has doughnuts!! They'd only been open 71 days as of our visit. SO yummy!! 

We had a lazy morning waiting on the rain to stop and then finally made it out a little after 11. Layton hitched another ride. He was our slowest walker by far and near the end of the week we'd finally come up with some good solutions to keep him moving faster than a snail. YAY. =)

Piper is officially a beach lover through and through. Baby Girl loved the ocean and set out for sea more than once. Haha!

After seeing AnAn and Piper going for a walk the boys wanted to go for a walk too. And hunt for shells of course. We had so much fun and found some really unique ones.

The big boys collected...

While Layton tossed his finds back into the ocean. =)

On Thursday we even ate lunch on the beach! Nobody wanted to go in for lunch since we hadn't been out long, so my mom and Anna went back to the house and grabbed some sandwiches and snacks and brought it back out to us. It was a fun first for our whole crew! 

Anna got this sweet picture of the littlest cousins. =) Her camera did something weird with the colors but it was such a good picture it had to be posted. 

Another game of baseball was played...

And more swimming resumed later that afternoon and evening. 

We stayed in and ordered from BJ's Pizza and had a really laid back night. Thursday was a fun one!


Friday was gorgeous and we enjoyed our last day to the fullest! The clouds were so pretty and the beach was just about perfect. We had such a blessed vacation!

Last day family shot!

And a last day whole group shot! =)

LOVE the low crowds, peacefulness, and small town-family friendly atmosphere here.

All 4 of my guys hanging out in the ocean while I finished my book. I joined them once I was done and the boys were in the water for an hour and a half straight before coming out!

My littlest man was so worn out he fell asleep in my lap. Melt me. I thought my babies had all outgrown this, but not yet! =)

The big boys enjoyed another swim with Granna and Papa...

And then with daddy. We just couldn't get enough of our ocean time. 

We came in Friday afternoon to get ready and Anna got this pic of her and her 2 kiddos. Haha! Layton was like AnAn's second child all week. He hung out in her room every single day and stayed close the whole week. =) 

Before heading out to eat we got in our traditional beach pics. These 2 were the best. My babies keep growing bigger and bigger. Time flies when you're having fun. 

We also got some of the grands with Granna and Papa...

After supper at Harry A's (our first time there!) we had to make one more stop at Aunt Ebby's for ice cream. Sooo good!

 Friday night we packed up and loaded up as much as we could before calling it a night. We had such a great vacation and enjoyed our beach time, family time, good food, tons of laughs, and the best company ever all week. So very thankful for our week at the beach every summer. It's a special tradition and our memories are priceless.


Saturday morning we woke up and prepared to get on the road. While we were loading up Layton told me in a sad, whining voice, But I don't want to go back to my house. I jus want to stay at Granna's beach house. Hahaha!! If only Layton Thomas, if only. =)

We had a yummy breakfast together at the Beach Pit before preparing to leave the island. And this is when something hilarious happened to us.... after breakfast our dogs locked us out of our car!! The car was running thankfully but one of them stood up on the door panel thing and locked us out. Haha! It wasn't funny in the moment... but it was. We all looked like fools gathered around the doors of the suburban sweet talking dogs and trying to coax them over to the exact right spot to step on the unlock button. I could not stop laughing. Standing back and watching everybody was just the craziest, funniest thing. Terrell went ahead and called the police department but we didn't give up on the dogs unlocking the door for us either. After a few minutes of sweet talking the puppies, Emma (my parents' dog), pressed the button to roll down the back passenger window... and Garrison just happened to be standing at the door when she did it... so he climbed through the window. Hahahaha! I am still laughing so hard remembering it. Gracious. Such a crazy and hilarious way to start off our ride home. 

Until next year, SGI

We had a pretty good ride home. And Layton actually took a nap! (Another thing I thought my babies had outgrown was sleeping in the car... although I'm thinking it will return again when they get older. =))

That's a wrap! So thankful for another wonderful week of summer at the beach. So much fun was had by all. We can't wait to go back!! 

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