Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites: My Last Week of Summer Edition

My last week of summer has been a busy one! We filled it up with some last minute errands, fun, and a head start on my classroom. We've enjoyed this summer lots. And even though I start work on Monday, I'm glad my kiddos have a few more summer days to enjoy. =)

Here are my favorites from my last week of summer...

*On Monday my mother-in-law kept the boys all day long for me so that I could spend the entire day working in my classroom. And with the help of my mom and sister, I got a ton done!! YAY!!!! Even Terrell stopped by to help and take me to lunch. =)

*Anna has been an AMAZING help to me preparing for PreK and getting my room set up. I would be lost without her help and expertise from her own PreK days. I'm not sure what I would've done without her! And my mom came in this week and cleaned my whole room and helped sort and organize and set-up. Plus Frankie cleaned my big classroom rugs for me and Terrell's mom watched the boys for the whole day on Monday. It has been a total team effort from the best family ever. I am so thankful for everyone's support and so excited about my new adventure. I still have a lot to do but it's coming together quickly now! 

*On Tuesday Piper came over for a play date so her mama could actually go and work in her own classroom instead of her Aunt Meg's. =) The boys had the best time with Baby Girl. 

*They all fit in the tent together. Haha.

*It was a fun lunch having another girl with me. =)

*Tuesday afternoon I made another freezer meal for us to enjoy once school starts back and last night we froze leftovers of our poppyseed chicken. That brings us to 8! So hopefully my family won't go hungry once I go back to work. #ImaynotcookinAugust Ha!

*Tuesday is also the day this sweet baby boy was born!! And I got to go visit him and hold him Tuesday evening! Squeal!! His mom is one of my very best friends and this little guy has 2 older brothers and 1 big sister to show him the ropes as he grows. The Swatts Party of 6 is an always favorite!

*Wednesday we made one last trip to swim at Mrs. Debbie's pool. We are so thankful she offered it to us again this summer! We've enjoyed our weekly visits this month! We can't wait to have our very own next summer! #soooooexcited!!

*These handsome boys got their back to school haircuts this week. =) 

*They also enjoyed a sleepover together that turned out super fun and peaceful. They drive me crazy and melt my heart every single day. =)

*Last night the boys got in another game of indoor baseball with daddy. This has been a huge favorite this summer. Terrell lets the big boys pitch to Layton (who last night decided to wear his little oven mitt as a glove. Hahaha.) and Terrell pitches to the big boys. They LOVE playing and have so much fun trying to beat Terrell. It's also a great incentive to clean up the playroom every time they want to play. =) A win-win!

This morning we're going to tackle just a couple more errands before we come home and spend the rest of the day playing. Well, the boys will play and I will probably try to clean. I know I'll feel better heading into Monday knowing my house is clean! This weekend we're looking forward to celebrating AnAn's birthday and enjoying lots of family time before the beginning of a brand new normal begins on Monday. So thankful for summer and so thankful for my new job! Happy Friday!!

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