Wednesday, July 5, 2017

St George Island: Days 4-5

It's another recap of our vacay. =) Soo thankful for our little family scrapbook and a place to hold our memories. 


Tuesday we woke up to a beautiful day and a lazy morning. This vacation may have been the first that I slept in and let my family get up without me. Ha. I must say it was a pretty nice change. And a sign of my babies growing up and not needing me first thing. Bittersweet for sure. 

Happy Tuesday morning! 

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We loved our time in the ocean =)

After another late lunch, Garrison and Layton decided to stay inside instead of going back out to the beach. Garrison actually had some sort of reaction to getting too much sun (which has never happened before in his life... he is our kid who tans and never burns and even this time never looked sunburned... so it was super weird and unexpected)... anyway, Garrison didn't feel like going back out so Layton decided to stay in with us too. And then this happened. Bless it. Little man was just completely worn out.

I stayed in for part of the afternoon and then Terrell and I swapped. So I got in some quality time with my middle man Tuesday afternoon. =) He had been playing so much in the sand and near the water's edge where waves wiped him out that he had sand in his nose. Haha!

Then, he started swimming in the ocean for me! 

He took swimming lessons last summer but never really swam on his own much. The lessons were just more like an introduction to swimming versus actually being taught to swim. So him swimming in the ocean was a big deal! He actually didn't even realize he was really swimming!

This girl enjoyed her beach time to the fullest. 

We stayed in and grilled steaks Tuesday night for supper. Delish! And then we spotted this sunset. I love when the sky is golden pink. It was gorgeous. We had another fun night laughing, talking, and hanging out. Plus staying up too late. It was a fun one. 


Wednesday morning was lazy and delicious. We enjoyed a huge breakfast together before telling Frankie bye (he had to come home a few days early for work) and then we were off to the beach. Terrell Selph is the best dad ever. He got a workout this vacation. =)

We spotted dolphins early on and I tried to get a picture. You can see one fin out of the water near the left side of the pic. Dolphin spottings were super common and we loved watching them. 

We also enjoyed the seagulls. We fed them a few times and they even took crackers right out of Terrell's and Garrison's hands! Haha! We were friends. =)

Selph 5! (Garrison's eyes were super swollen on Wednesday but we kept him smothered in sunscreen, in the shade as much as possible, and he wore his hat and sunglasses all day and all night. He was pretty self conscious about it but we made the most of our day and it turned out super fun.)

We went on a walk together and searched for seashells. We found some treasures. =)


On Wednesday afternoon after lunch we made Austin practice swimming (against his will... he is super cautious and was honestly having major anxiety over it but we are getting a pool soon and he has to know how to swim, so practice was a must). And he did GREAT! He was a little traumatized and not super confident but he did awesome!! We were all so proud! 

Wednesday evening was one of my favorites. We went out to Red Pirate Grill just over the bridge and had a really fun meal. They gave us our own little section and this was one of our tables....

And this was the other... 

After supper we let the boys play putt putt there at the restaurant. They had so much fun. (Poor Garrison was still swollen so he kept sunglasses on all night. His eyes were sore and sensitive to the light but he especially didn't want anyone to see him.)

After putt putt, we decided to make one more stop before heading home. Yum!

Then, as soon as we got back to the beach house, Terrell and I took the boys out to the beach to see all the crabs. Last year when Terrell and I went walking late one night we saw TONS, so this year we wanted the boys to see them. It was so much fun! We all loved it!!

We brought a flashlight with us, plus used the flashlights on our phone and saw tons and tons. They were everywhere. At first we only saw the tiny ones but then they got bigger and bigger. =) The boys loved every second. It was my very favorite night of our vacation.

It was the best. So fun and such a great time for my boys!

Here's the biggest one we saw. He stared us down for a while. =) Garrison asked to have one for a pet. Haha! Umm, no. 

SGI is our fave! One more recap coming before we call it a wrap. We had a really great vacay!

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