Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Anniversary Weekend

Another anniversary trip is in the books! This one was wonderful and special and another big time favorite!! It was super last minute and almost didn't happen at all so that made us appreciate it even more. The trip that almost wasn't, but thankfully was. =)

We decided when Garrison's surgery was scheduled for May 26th that we'd have to plan something last minute for our anniversary as long as his recovery was going well and we felt comfortable leaving him. So early last week we made a final decision to go ahead with a weekend getaway and started looking for a place to stay on or near a beach. The beach was our first choice because of how much we loved last year's trip and because the beach is honestly one of the cheapest trips you can take. Wellllll, we had ZERO success finding anything. Places were either already booked, out of our price range, or required a minimum stay. It was so discouraging and frustrating. We searched every beach town we knew along the gulf and the Atlantic, we searched mountain towns, cities in the southeast, places we'd never been, places we'd been more than once and nothing was working out. Such a bummer!! After more than one place fell through, we FINALLY took a chance on a hotel just outside Panama City late Wednesday night. Phew. We were a tad nervous but sooo relieved to have our stay booked and our trip officially planned!

Friday morning bright and early and ready to kick off our weekend! (So thankful that I'm finally totally relaxed and at peace about leaving my babies. I've come a looong way. =))

I read this book most of the way down along with being in charge of the radio off an on. Terrell was sweet to share the radio this year. 

Meanwhile our boys got to have breakfast with Granna, AnAn, and Piper and Anna got the sweetest picture of the big boys walking Piper out. Presh!!
 We made it to PCB in time for lunch and to get checked in early. Yay! This was the view from our little balcony. #deepandgratefulsigh #beautiful 

We unpacked a little, grabbed some snacks and drinks, changed into swimsuits, and got ready to spend the whole afternoon at the beach!

This was our view from our beach chairs and umbrella. =) We just relaxed when we got there. It was seriously the perfect afternoon.

The water was gorgeous. Very tropical island like. 

Before our first swim in the ocean!

We had the best afternoon together. Resting, relaxing, toes in the sand, breeze blowing, fun swimming, taking  a walk on the beach, bliss. =) 

Around 5:00 Friday afternoon we went back to our room to get ready to go out.

We really wanted to try new places this trip so we decided on Schooners after reading reviews/recommendations and other than it being waaaay across town from where we were staying, it was perfect. We loved the view, the food, the atmosphere, everything.

It was a really fun night with good food and a beautiful sunset.

Good morning Saturday. =) 

We had another gorgeous day on Saturday and made it to the beach early so we could enjoy the whole day. The weather was perfect! We ate breakfast in our room (there was a McDonald's across the street so Terrell got us biscuits) and then packed snacks for the rest of the day so we wouldn't have to leave for lunch.

I finished this book and loved it! It's one I'm glad I have my own copy of it because I'll want to read it again in the future I know. And I must say the sand, ocean, sun, and blue skies were the perfect setting for reading it. =)

Ready to walk on the beach and swim in the ocean with my love!

I could not get over how pretty the water was. Ahhhhhh. Just beautiful. 

When we eventually got hungry and pulled out our snacks there was a seagull nearby that we decided to share with.... so then we attracted everybody and fed the whole group. =) They loved us. Haha.

It got more and more crowded Saturday afternoon and our "neighbors" weren't the most pleasant but we enjoyed our day to the fullest. Lots of relaxing, swimming, snacking, reading, walking, more swimming, and more relaxing made it perfect. 

We had reservations at another new (to us) restaurant for Saturday evening so we came in and got ready for our fancy date. =) We had a delicious meal and a great time at G. Foley's. We loved our special anniversary date. 

And of course we decided to splurge on dessert! Sooo good!!

Sunday morning we slept in a little and then woke up to clouds and eventually a down pour as we were packing up and checking out. The perfect time to head out and make our way home to see our babies!

I started a new book and dozed most of the ride home. =)

Our boys greeted us with smiles and hugs and it was a sweet reunion! Yay!! #reunitedanditfeelssogood

They had a great weekend with Granna and Papa and got to do all sorts of fun stuff. We got to hear all about it and were so thankful they had such a fun and special weekend. HUGE thanks to my parents for keeping the boys plus Bailey all weekend long and making it a wonderful one for our babies!! 

Our anniversary weekend is something we look forward to so much and this year was a challenge to get it planned and make it happen, but we did it and had the best time. An annual getaway as a couple is soo good for us! Even more so as the kids get older and we find ourselves so busy. We can't recommend it enough. If you're considering it- do it, plan it, make it happen. =)

Happy 12th anniversary to my forever favorite person!! Looking forward to so many more anniversaries and getaways with you!!

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